Terms & Conditions

1.1 Purpose

The Market Comparison Report is a confidential document and contains information relating to the company named on the cover page. It has been prepared by Utilitrack to give a detailed market comparison of the available options for the provisioning of an energy contract.

1.2 Confidentiality

When compiled, the Market Comparison Report document is strictly limited in its use, circulation and copying of the information embodied therein. This document and all other information supplied should not be copied, reproduced or distributed to others at any time without the prior written consent of Utilitrack (other than to directors, officers, employees and professional advisers of the Recipient who need to know the confidential information contained therein, and then only to the extent necessary for the purpose of evaluating whether or not and on what terms the recipient might proceed with a more detailed review of the matters discussed in the document and provided that such persons undertake the same responsibilities as set out herein). It is a condition of the provision of this information that the confidentiality obligations into which the Recipient has entered are made known to anyone to whom the information is properly given, and that party must agree to be bound in similar terms.

Any person in possession of this document ("the Recipient") should familiarise themselves with such agreement before reading, circulating or using the document. Upon request, the Recipient will promptly return to the company all material received without retaining any copies thereof and will destroy any information derived from the material.

2.1 Service Level

Changes in energy prices can be unpredictable and will fluctuate up and down on a daily basis. Recent history has shown prices can be significantly and quickly influenced by international supply and demand, events both in the UK and overseas, sustained periods of high or low temperature and levels of sun and wind for renewable energy sources. It is therefore impossible to advise clients whether prices will increase or decrease, exactly when to secure a contract or the duration of contract they should select. Therefore, nothing in Utilitrack’s Market Comparison Report, associated correspondence or conversations with employees, brokers or associates should be taken as advice but purely for information purposes only. The Market Comparison Report is provided to offer a choice of supplier and tariff and to make it easier to compare quotes on a simple ‘like for like’, projected whole cost basis. This enables clients to make their own informed decision.

3.1 Charges

There are no separate fees charged by Utilitrack Ltd for providing services to clients as Utilitrack’s fees are included within the cost of the chosen contract if the client proceeds. Utilitrack receives a commission uplift from the supplier for securing and administering the contract between the client and the supplier. This compensates Utilitrack for the work that goes into supporting clients through the contract process. This includes bill analysis, verification of meter(s) including updated annual consumption and any technical changes, termination of existing contract if required, inviting a panel of suppliers to tender and offer prices for a new contract, collating tender responses and analysing results, the compilation and presentation of a Market Comparison Report, preparation of new contract paperwork, procurement of a new contract through to being accepted and the meter(s) confirmed as live with a new supplier, on-going customer service and query management, monthly consumption reporting for Half-Hourly meters, management of renewal process. The amount of commission Utilitrack will receive is (xx) pence per kilowatt hour of energy used, which amounts to £(xxx) per annum for the duration of the contract. This uplift forms a small part of the overall unit cost for energy. Utilitrack does not receive any commission on the daily standing charge, climate change levy, vat or other related charges. The amount is also typically detailed in the supplier’s contract with the client. The level of uplift may depend on factors including the contract size, duration and credit rating. You can request further information on how much commission we expect to receive on a contract by contacting our customer services team.

4.1 Expiry of Quotes

To provide clients with access to competitive energy pricing, the quotes offered by suppliers reflect wholesale energy prices. Therefore, they are only valid on the day of the tender and expire at 4pm the same day. Wholesale prices can fluctuate at any time during the day and suppliers retain the right to withdraw quotes at any time with no notice. On very rare occasions this can even be after a contract has been signed by the client but before it has been locked in by the supplier. The Market Comparison Report is designed to assist clients make a swift decision. If a decision is not made and a contract entered on the day of the tender, there is no assurance that prices will not change overnight and therefore may no longer be available to sign. In this event, the tender process would have to be rescheduled for a later date.

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