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Since our formation we have formed excellent partnerships with most of the UK's utility providers. We have also worked with organisations in every business sector to help revolutionise their approach towards utility management; consistently delivering exceptional savings and improved operational efficiency.

We have established ourselves as a leading commercial energy broker, which means we are able to get the best pricing with very favourable contract terms for our customers.

We deliver much greater value than cheaper prices. We have a well-managed national network of brokers. Our industry knowledge and network is large enough to help shape legislation. With over £50M of aggregated spend going through our brokerage network, we have a big voice in the industry.

We do not have hidden charges and operate a highly ethical business. We do not use strong arm sales tactics and do not use any type of deceptive sales technique. If we find an error, we report it immediately. If you have a rebate, it comes back to you.

Our Utility Management service includes tendering and negotiating with the most respected utility providers. We limit contractual and financial risks by avoiding suppliers that we know are unreliable.

To get you the best deal, we will:

  • Handle registration enquiries
  • Negotiate directly with utility companies
  • Select the ideal time to issue tenders
  • Determine the best contract proposal
  • Issue electronic tenders prepared in a format that meets supplier needs
  • Check that contracts are correct and adhered to by suppliers
  • Confirm the suitability of terms and conditions
  • Monitor the market, its trends, regulations, changes and additions in response to your needs

Let us work for you to secure lower costs and better contractual terms. Contact us today to learn more.

We follow the TPI Code of Practice.

Managing your Utilities
The letter of authority is an important legal document giving Utilitrack the approval to act on your behalf. It is worded precisely, covers all eventualities that can be foreseen and leaves the recipient in no doubt as to what is being agreed to and authorised. Our Integrity platform issues and tracks this important document as part of your customer data.
- Renewals
Contracts, terminations, moves and changes are all done to a set timescale. Making sure your contracts are out for renewal at the right time is a key to getting the best deal year after year and our system makes sure this happens at just the right time. We contact you to renegotiate your contract and make sure we continually track your contract for intermediate break periods. Getting your renewal right will save you money year after year.
- Termination agreements
The termination agreement is issued to your existing supplier to advise them of your intent to move to a new supplier. It is used for a number of reasons including to determine if the contract has been fully executed, determine if you can rescind the contract, determine if you have any legal right to terminate the contract, negotiate termination with the other party. This also forms part of your customer record.
- Workflow
Our Integrity platform makes sure we follow a standard approach when we are working with a customer. Depending on the product you are looking to use, Integrity has workflow that is specific to that product and that industry, making sure everything is done in the right order at the right time.
- Contract
The contract is the final legal agreement that is put in place to make sure you get what you want and lays out all of the rights, rates, exclusions, terms and conditions related to the product or service you are buying. Integrity generates this contract based on the suppliers templates and maintains a copy once the contract has been executed.
- Notifications
With Integrity you never need to worry about forgetting key dates, missed items in workflow, failed renewals or getting legal documents done on time. Our notification engine can be set to automatically send you email and texts. It also sends notifications when key actions have taken place. Integrity gives you proactive management of the entire brokerage lifecycle.